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Anti Ageing Dentistry

Micro-layering and sculpting

With a legacy spanning two decades, leading London-based aesthetic dentist, Dr. Brandon Nejati, founder of the Nejati Clinic, has been transforming smiles into natural and exquisite works of art in a totally non-invasive way.

In contrast to conventional and traditional dentistry, which primarily address issues in their advanced stages to tackle discomfort and pain, Dr. Nejati’s ethos revolves around a deliberate deceleration and reversal of the dental aging process. This philosophy is rooted in a proactive and safeguarding approach, seeking to prevent and preempt potential problems in later stages. It is this approach that inspired Dr Nejati’s magnum opus signature Micro-Layering Treatment.


The transcendent procedure is an artistry itself, characterised by an exacting artisanal touch. Each tooth is methodically layered under a miniature microscope and sculpted in a perfect shape and shade. The harmony of form and hue is meticulously calibrated, giving rise to a healthy looking resplendent natural smile. The material, is a special nano composite, infused with the essence of porcelain particles. It is to imitate natural enamel and is painted in micro layers, starting from higher opacity in deeper layers, to gradually transit into finer more translucent layers. The outcome gracefully mimics your natural teeth, preserving their unique characteristics. It presents a healthier and noticeably enhanced version of your original smile, radiating simple yet elegant beauty.

Being a portrait painter and artist at a younger age, Dr. Nejati draws inspiration from the Renaissance technique known as Sfumato. This method, engaged by the likes of Da Vinci and Michelangelo, is renowned for its ability to create soft and imperceptible transitions between colours and tones. Dr. Nejati seamlessly combines this artistic approach with cutting-edge dental technology, bridging the gap between classic renaissance artistry and modern dentistry.

By going through this process, the dental tissue which has been subjected to wear and tear over the years, will gain a protective barrier imitating natural enamel. Crack lines and exposures will be sealed and the bite, physically and aesthetically balanced. The teeth and smile will acquire a very naturally brighter and healthier look. A younger and healthier version of the same teeth.

This is an important and integral part of Nejati’s oral rejuvenation process which aims to create a youthful appearance, whilst restoring and sealing the wear and tear, which is the most common sign of ageing in the dental tissue. The barrier created, will in turn protect the teeth against further wear and damage.

As we stand at the crossroads of innovation and tradition, the Nejati Clinic beckons - a sanctuary where art, science, and care converges to create enduring, timeless smiles.

The Micro-Layering Treatment stands as Nejati’s foundational pillar for holistic oral rejuvenation. It seeks to grant not only youthful appearance but also the preservation of dental vitality.

Revolutionary hand layered porcelain veneers with step-back technique

Many clients are apprehensive about porcelain veneers due to the often invasive nature of the procedure, which in many cases involve removing an amount of healthy dental tissue. However, this does not have to be the case. Our clinic employs a revolutionary approach to tooth restoration that is minimally or entirely non-invasive.


Traditional veneers are typically made by a ceramist without the patient being present. This method lacks consideration of the patient’s facial structure and symmetry, often resulting in an unnatural appearance once the veneers are fitted.

In contrast, our innovative process begins with a meticulous examination and planning phase, utilizing both professional expertise and AI technology. Dr. Nejati hand-layers mock up veneers directly in the dental chair, ensuring a perfect harmony with the patient’s facial features without the need to remove healthy tooth structure.

The procedure involves digitally scanning the patient’s teeth before and after the initial layering, then trimming the layerings back, followed by a final scan. This provides our master ceramist with an exact blueprint and recipe, created by Dr. Nejati, to craft the ultra-customized, non-invasive veneer restorations.

This method is highly predictable, as patients can see, feel, and approve the veneers in their initial form. Our unique approach not only allows for the reinforcement and restoration of dentition in a minimally invasive manner but also achieves the most natural-looking results, perfectly aligned with the patient’s facial symmetry.

Nano composite micro-coating

A common indicator of dental tissue aging is the gradual recession of the gums, leading to the exposure of the delicate root surface. Over time, this fragile surface tends to erode, resulting in a rough, porous texture. This not only makes it more susceptible to bacterial infiltration but also heightens tooth sensitivity. Additionally, the increased vulnerability to staining can cause the tooth to take on a more yellowed and aged appearance.


In the process of Nano-composite coating, a meticulous application of ultra-fine porcelain infused, composite layers is employed to restore lost volume and rectify damage caused by erosion. This method emulates the natural growth of enamel on the root, serving to seal and safeguard the root surface. By closing the pores that serve as gateways for bacteria and irritants, it not only ensures protection but also rejuvenates the tooth's youthful and healthy aesthetics.